Monday, April 17, 2017

"Finishers Wanted"- Thomas S Monson

Mais uma vez...

Oh how I LOVE being here in Recife.  But I could´ve been called to anywhere in the world and still would miss it in the end because it´s the fact that I was called to be a representative of Jesus Christ that has made me love being here so much.  But it´s not over yet- and finishers are needed in the world! I want to be one of them!

This week Sister Seiuli twisted her ankle as we were walking quickly to a teaching appointment.  We had to go to the hospital and we basically stayed inside this whole week from Wednesday to Sunday.  Luckily she fell close to Bishop´s house so they could help us out.  I love the people of Brasil! They were so helpful in callign the neighbors to help us out to move Sister Seiuli out of the middle of the street.  Brasil knows charity.  I´m so grateful that I have gotten to know so many Christlike people here.

This week Thiago Félix was also baptized!  He’s a member’s cousin and he has been so prepared to be baptized!  He´s an incredible young man and will be a future leader of this church for sure!  He was confirmed on Easter Sunday- how special!! 🐰🌸🌺

I hope you all had a wonderful and renewing Easter.  We were able to have a Family Home Evening last night with some members, recent converts and investigators and we just did a study about Jesus Christ.  Everyone shared a scripture that they loved about Christ´s life.  Every scripture shared was an act of charity and love.  It was so interesting.  We closed it off by watching the video that ya’ll can find on at this moment called, "Prince of Peace."  On my mission I have learned that we can come to know Jesus Christ.  I was able to have my last interview with President and Sister Bigelow this week and they were both very special and spiritual moments for me, so I won’t comment on exactly what was said, but I was able to receive a blessing from my mission president and a great talk with his wife about the future and getting to know Jesus Christ.  I just want to leave you all with my testimony that I know Christ lives.  I know that his invitation to come and follow Him is not a joke.  It´s a real invitation.  We can truly come unto Him and feel closer to him each day that we exercise faith and repent of our sins- daily.  I know that baptism and receiving the gift of The Holy Ghost is essential to entering into our loving Eternal Father´s presence.  He loves us so much.  We are His Family.  Before we were born, he knew us, for he created us.  He sent His Only Begotten son to live a life devoted to save us and to do the will of The Father. He partook of the bitter cup so that we don´t have to if we repent and keep His commandments.

I love my Savior.  

I thank my Heavenly Father for letting me participate in His work- in the gathering of Israel- in these the last days.  I’ve seen lives change.  I’ve seen people literally move.  I’ve seen the Atonement of Jesus Christ better the lives of all who want it and who are ready to accept it and to cherish it.  I’ve found a few of God´s prepared people and I know there are more to find this week and throughout my whole life.

I love you all and am so grateful for your support, letters, packages, emails, and prayers! I´m so lucky to have all you as my friends and family!  I will be back on home next Wednesday.  Those who are still on a mission for awhile- love. every. moment. 

With so much love from Recife,
Sister Garrick 
Missão Brasil Recife🐚🌴🌎⚽

Being a missionary makes me smile :)

It was a struggle for her to take a shower hahaha

Reunião de Zona


more fish

our hair cuts!

Shout-out to Sandro for the placa de carro for my family´s collection hahaha

Thiago´s baptism!!! (Sister Seiuli´s hand sign) (Samoan?)

Emerson, Sister Seiuli and I sang at Thiago´s baptism! 
Feel free to watch- Emerson canta bem! 

Easter Sunday

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