Monday, October 31, 2016

The Week of A LOT

Olá todos! Como vocês estão? 

This week was just A LOT.  I don´t know how to describe it- literally I don't.  First of all, our super elect investigator decided to give us The Book of Mormon back because he decided that the 4 people that told him that this religion is a cult was an answer to him from God that it wasn´t true.  After a longggg lesson including us teaching the 1st, and 3rd lesson many times, and after many questions, he decided to take the book back and give it a 2nd shot.  The next day, Sister Bigelow worked with us for 2 hours and it was the best day of my mission so far!  We had a lesson with a member and helped her to share the gospel with her family and friends and get referrals and we went to the chapel to teach Anderson with another member as well.  Sister Bigelow asked many inspired questions to him and he looked back at us and gave us back the book and said he made up his mind that it wasn't true. We said we would need to postpone his baptism and he got so sad because he wants The Holy Ghost and we wants to be born again and serve a mission, but doesn't realize how The Book of Mormon is connected to all of that. Then, the member that was there showed him a few scriptures in The Book of Mormon and there was a long pause, and our investigator looked down, and then looked back up and said, "3 minutes ago I was going to give this book back to you for the 2nd time, but now I know it's true.  I know I'm in the right path.  Please don't move my baptism back."  We were like alright then you need to read and pray and get your own personal answer or remember the answer you already felt and received when you first told us.  The next day, he was interviewed by our District Leader and his mom signed the papers and he was so excited!  Saturday- the day of the baptism- he says he's not going to be able to go.  We don't know exactly what happened, but he said he just needed some time.  This was one of the saddest moments of my mission.  I know that he knew this gospel is true and I pray that one day he comes back.  I was able to learn a lot about The Lord's timing through this experience and how His will needs to be written on my heart.  His hand is in everything that happens.  I am relieved knowing that we did everything we could to help a young man with a desire to come unto Christ. I will keep praying for him.  

This week we also got transfer calls!  I will unfortunately be leaving Sister Lopez who I love so much!! :(  But, good things can't last forever right?  I will be opening a new area that only had one set of elders that will now have 2 sets of SISTERS!  My area is called Rio Doce that's in Olinda if you want to google it. It´s gorgeous!  And I will be training a new sister that gets here tomorrow!!  It could be a Hispanic, American, or Brasilian because they're ALL coming!!  I`m super excited for this new adventure in the best mission in the world- Brasil Recife! 

Love you all,

Sister Garrick

1- Sister Lopez, Sister Schmidt, Sister Taylor, Sister Anderson, Sister Hernandez, and me

2- The Forbush's will be leaving in the beginning of December :(

3- Ingrid just happened to be at the subway station today :)

4- Northeastern vocabulary

5- last Sunday

6- Fernanda :)

7- Paula choking me

8- Edlma :)


10- Fruta-pão is a jack-o-lantern 


12- Snow in Boa Viagem ;)  "It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 
"Está começando de parecer muito como Natal!”

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you Sister Garrick. I knew your mom when she was young, and I served in the stake Relief Society with your grandmother and great-grandmother. My husband and I are serving in the Recife Temple. If you ask for us, say "Bair-de, rhymes with verde". Bençãos while you are serving in Olinda. What a beautiful place. Well, Boa Viagem isn't too bad, either. My husband was a missionary here in Recife in 1960. He was only the 5th missionary to ever serve here. He was the 2nd branch president of the Recife Branch with 12 members. How the church has grown in his lifetime. We love serving here, and I can tell that you do, too.