Tuesday, December 15, 2015


We made it to Recife! I am currently at The Bigelow's house using an ipad right now.  It was so cool to watch us land on the plane in Recife.  It's beautiful!!! Like the Bahamas or Castaway Cay! The beaches do have signs that say beware of shark attacks though.  Interesting..... but we can't swim anyways.  Well we passed by the temple on the way here.  It is big and gorgeous.  I took pics I will have to send you.  But the reason I say I'm home is because it just feels right here, but I still have an underlying layer of anxiety so please pray for me to not have anxiety and worry.  17 months just seems so long.  After we got off the plane, the Bigelows greeted us and they are the best replacement for parents I could ask for since you can't be here with me :(  But we paired up people and handed out pass along cards and got addresses of people in the airport.  I was with a Brasilian so it was easier but I still had to talk a little.  Well, I have to go but I meet my trainer soon and my mission will begin tonight! Tchau. Eu amp voces.  Send this to family. I can only pick one person so its you!
Love, Sister Garrick


  1. How would I write or send car package?

    1. Here is her mission home address:
      Sister Jillienne Stevie Garrick
      Brazil Recife Mission
      Rua Das Ninfas 30
      Boa Vista
      50070-050 Recife - PE

      You can email her at: