Friday, December 11, 2015

Bom Dia Todo Mundo!!!!

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK AT THE CTM.  In 4 days I will be in Recife! Can you believe it?! I can´t! It´s been fun and comfortable here and the weather has been nice, but it´s time for hot and sticky weather and really fast Portuguese and what I´m sure will be some of the best times of my life! I can´t wait! Estou animada! :)  Thankfully, Sister Dunn, Sister DiSpirito, Elder Davis, AND Elder Talentino are all going to Recife together from our district! We just won´t be able to go with Elders Honstein, Worsham, Scroggins, and Shull cause they´ll be in Salvador. :(

This week was very awesome. We´ve been working really hard, teaching lessons, and speaking Portuguese.  We now have 2 baptismal dates for Izildinha and Ana Beatriz.  It was so exciting to hear that they wanted to be baptized... I can´t imagine how much joy I will feel when real investigators want to be baptized! YAY! 

Last Friday we had a cuz-cuz party with our district and Irmã Araujo! She made us cuz cuz just like the´ll apparently have  in Recife.  It´s basically crumbled up corn bread and she made eggs and sausage to go with it.... soooooo good and so easy and so cheap! Love! In return, we bought her Mountain Dew because on the real... she´s obsessed.  It´s so funny! And she made Sister DiSpirito and I drink some because we had never had any! Crazy stuff going down here in São Paulo.  Today is our last P-day here and we are going to have another cuz cuz party.  So excited! Sexta-Feira? More like Festa-Feira! Anyone who knows Portuguese will get that lame joke. ;) 

Last Sunday was fast Sunday and here we fast dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  It was easier that way I think... and we had testimony meeting in our zone Sacrament Meetings.  I got up to bear my testimony and then our whole district got up to say theirs também! I didn´t have to say my testimony in Portuguese I think because some people spoke in English, but I tried it and it wasn´t too bad! I think I got my point across... but probably with incorrectly conjugated verbs haha.

Also, each day someone in our district has to share a scripture about The Gift of Tongues and Elder Worsham, our District Leader, shared Alma 18:35... but my companion thought he said Alma 18:25!!!! Look those up if you want a good laugh.  I really hope that´s the right chapter... if not, my bad.

Anyways, I know this gospel is true and I can´t wait to spread the message of God´s love to the humble people of Recife! 

Sister Garrick :)

 Cuz Cuz 

 District 44A with the American and Brasilian flags!

Best District selfie thanks to Elder Honstein

 A parrot at the temple

The best district with one of our instructors, Irmã Araujo :)

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