Monday, February 27, 2017

Would You Look at Those Elect!?

Last Monday, we contacted a referral from the elders.  It was of a family that went to a baptism in their area.  We visited them and they were SOOO receptive.  They told us that they had been members of other churches and always have studied The Bible, but that they always felt that something was missing.  We taught them The Restoration and about The Book of Mormon.  They understood very well, our message.  They said they would read and pray to know if it was true.  We invited them to be baptized, and with tears in the mother´s eyes, they accepted and she had been thinking so much about baptism and her need to be baptized recently that the spirit was INCREDIBLE!

When we went back there later that week, they had a list prepared with questions for us to answer!  Think of intelligent investigators! They were understanding questions because they honestly wanted to know the truth and were searching for it.

They had a trip planned to get away from Carnaval this weekend, so they could not go visit church this Sunday, but 5 minutes before the meeting started, their whole family walked in!  Their trip fell through (sad, but not) and they decided to surprise us coming to church!! :))))  It was such a wonderful miracle.  We love them with all our hearts. :)

I am a witness that Heavenly Father is preparing people to accept this restored gospel.  He loves us so much.  I have realized my complete dependence on Him to participate in His work.  Alone, I am nothing and literally cannot help anyone, but with Him and with His help, there is nothing a person cannot do.  I love being able to be used as an instrument in His hands.  I´m so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity I have to serve a mission for however short it may be.

Love you all,

Sister Garrick

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"You're More Brazilian than you are American”

Yesterday, our Bishop said, "Don't lie, Sister Garrick, you're more Brazilian now than you are American."  Hahaha! I, of course, agreed.  It's who I am, and I love what I'm doing- for this purpose, my mission will be extended 3 more years. 😉

Well Carnaval has started here in Olinda, that's for sure!  When there's a Carnaval block literally on the corner of the street on a Sunday afternoon, it's easy to distinguish which is the tree of life and which is the great and spacious building haha.  A wonderful family visited church for the first time yesterday and we are so excited to help them prepare for baptism and follow the Lord's commandments and teachings! :)

This week we also had Zone Conference where we learned about humility, obedience, faith/trust in God/miracles, urgency, and how to plan better.  President and Sister Bigelow moved when and how we do our weekly planning sessions, but it seems a lot better this way already! :)

I really love being here on the mission.  There is no work that is more important that a person could do here on the earth.  The gathering of Israel is happening.  This week I was reading in 2 Nephi 30 in my personal study and would like to share a scripture with you that I read:

 3 And now, I would prophesy somewhat more concerning the Jews and the Gentiles. For after the book of which I have spoken shall come forth, and be written unto the Gentiles, and sealed up again unto the Lord, there shall be many which shall believe the words which are written; and they shall carry them forth unto the remnant of our seed.
 4 And then shall the remnant of our seed know concerning us, how that we came out from Jerusalem, and that they are descendants of the Jews.
 5 And the gospel of Jesus Christ shall be declared among them; wherefore, they shall be restored unto the knowledge of their fathers, and also to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, which was had among their fathers.
 16 Wherefore, the things of all nations shall be made known; yea, all things shall be made known unto the children of men.
 17 There is nothing which is secret save it shall be revealed; there is no work of darkness save it shall be made manifest in the light; and there is nothing which is sealed upon the earth save it shall be loosed.
 18 Wherefore, all things which have been revealed unto the children of men shall at that day be revealed; and Satan shall have power over the hearts of the children of men no more, for a long time. And now, my beloved brethren, I make an end of my sayings.

I know that this gospel is Christ’s.  HE will return and we must feast upon His words as we speedily prepare.

Love you all,
Sister Garrick

In Jardim Atlântico in front a famous pizzeria

Kids preparing for Carnaval

Zone Conference with Sister M. Costa

Zone Conference with Sister Sousa and Sister Pereira

Zone conference with the North Zone and The Jd. São Paulo Zone.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Thiago 1:5 (James 1:5)

This week the whole mission read a talk that hurt- like I felt physical pain, but I was motivated and elevated as I finished it.  If you guys want to feel it and let The Atonement push and pull you I invite you to read the talk, "Beware of Pride," by Ezra Taft Benson: (Read the scriptural references as well because they MAKE this talk).

Well tomorrow we will have a zone conference with our zone (the north zone) and the zone Jardim de São Paulo (Saint Paul´s Garden Zone- hahahaha I love translating Portuguese to English it’s the best).  We are going to learn how to PLAN better as a mission! We found an incredible family this week but they need to get married, but the lesson was so spiritual!  The father of the family said, “I'll read this book, and I’ll ask our Father if it’s true, and if I see that it’s true, I will be baptized."  It was so special.  This week I was called to repentance as I read the talk, Lest Thou Forget," by Ronald A. Rasband ( because I need to always remember to write in my journal and record my spiritual experiences!! Let us ALL do that!! 

Love you all! I know that Christ runs this church because it´s His.  I really surely know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that James 1:5 is directed specifically to us.  If anyone wants to know God’s will, follow James’s counsel and "ask God" because he "giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not." 

Until next week,

Sister Garrick :)

I can´t get over the view from our house never- the water was so blue this day!

 old name tag vs new name tag


(From Sister Garrick's mom: a picture that 
Sister Sousa sent to me this week of the two of them.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Two Brothers Zoo

This week we had two baptisms marked.  One fell through because of problems in keeping commitments.  The other is Emelly.  We love her so much!  She has been faithfully reading The Book of Mormon, praying to know if it´s true, and attending church for almost a month.  We promised that she would receive an answer before the 4th of February to be baptized.  Each time we visited, she had not received a clean answer- until the 2nd of February.  However, she is menor de idade (16 years old) so we had to ask permission from her mom.  She did not allow it. :(  It was so sad to see Emelly´s face when she realized she could not be baptized.  The hardness of hearts is so sad.  She continues to come to church and we are happy that she isn’t giving up and that she has a true testimony! My companion got sick this week and we had to stay at home for one day, but now she´s better! Ward missionaries were called in our ward and we are getting them to work!  Rio Doce is going to continue to transform!

Love ya´ll,
Sister Garrick

We went to the Zoo!

 Zoo Pics - the cactus reminded me of Texas hahaha

(From Sister Garrick's mom: I got some pictures from her companion of her writing in her journal...)