Monday, November 28, 2016

'Tis the Season to Serve

Hello all!

This week was great!  We were able to receive a referral from another state for a man that used to live near the temple and always passed by it with a strong desire to enter, but didn’t know how he could.  He really wanted a Book of Mormon and we were able to mark a visit with him and teach him, about The Restoration and truly testify about why we need another testament of Jesus Christ.  It was incredible!  We are so excited to be here in this ward.  We are planning a service project with the Young Women for them to invite their friends to make Christmas ornaments with us and to decorate a tree for one of older investigators who lives alone.  We are excited for Christmas season when it´s the season to serve!  I will tell ya’ll all about that next week!  Merry Christmas season!  Let us all be like The Savior by following his perfect example of charitable service as hearts are opened and softened this Christmas season.

Sister Garrick

Sister Sousa and I walking to the field that is white and ready to be harvested.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bars that we made for some of our members 
that helped us get to know the area, etc.

I didn’t have turkey and cranberries this Thanksgiving, 
so I made a turkey and goiabada (google it) sandwich that was similar... haha... 

Merry Christmas from our apartment lounge!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Semana das Milagres

Let me just copy Hermana Dibble's subject line and translate to Portuguese! This week truly was the week of the miracles!  It´s been a little hard opening this area with little investigators.  We tried to visit people who gave us their phone numbers and addresses that ended up not existing and it was just hard!  But President Bigelow taught us a principle that´s very interesting found in Alma 17.  Basically it says that to have "milhares de batismos" and to have lots of success as missionaries, we need to yes-fast, pray, study the scriptures, teach with the spirit, etc. We all know that.  But in the same chapter, it says that we need to suffer physically and mentally- that literally you can´t have success if suffering is not involved. If we suffer a lot, we will have a lot of success!  The Book of Mormon is filled with examples of this true principle! Look at the first verse of 1 Nephi for example! How did I not see this before?!?!  This week the miracles came in strong.  We were able to have 5 investigators at church on Sunday and have 3 elect investigators lined up for baptism and a lot of helpful and active, willing members!  Rio Doce is Zion y’all and my companion is awesome.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Thank you for ALL your prayers.  I feel blessed because of them.

Sister Garrick

Photos: OLINDA!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sweet Is The Peace The Gospel Brings

Hello from Sweet River!!

This week was good because even though we are opening an area and it's hard, we don't get down because we know we are trying our very hardest and Christ can comfort us. I know that He lives and that we will live with him again.  He knows how to succor His people and there is nothing sweeter that the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Até Terça,
Sister Garrick

Photo 1: This is from a few weeks ago when I was in Boa Viagem and Sister Bigelow worked with us for a day! I love them both so much

Photo 2:  Our apartment is being decorated for Christmas! 
Thanks grandma and grandpa (last year)

Photo 3: Tacos and guacamole;)

Photo 4: Sister Sousa and I on Sunday

Monday, November 7, 2016



This week was a lot of new things.  Our ward is great!! Our members our helping us out so much here in Rio Doce!! The area is big but they are showing us around and even put together a map for us!!  This Sunday, testimony meeting was all about missionary work and the spirit was so strong!!  The elders that closed this area are great, but left us with barely anyone to teach, so we are truly OPENING this area haha.  

My new companion is Sister Sousa.  She has been a member for 2 years and is 19 years old and from Palmas, Brasil!  She is so courageous and is helping me out and the area out so much!  I´m privileged to be with her!

Love you all,
Sister Garrick

Trainers and trainees!

Teaching people about The Plan of Salvation at the cemetery on Brasil´s Day of The Dead 

Before we got our hair cut (we forgot to take after pics)

On top of where we got our hair cut in Boa Viagem with our pro hairstylist, Recent convert, Aline :)

Temple at Christmas time

Recife Temple 

The group of trainers waiting for the new missionaries at President´s apartment  
(we say Recife)

Rio Doce and Olinda