Friday, November 13, 2015



First and foremost- emailing is quite possibly the most stressful thing I´ve
done in my entire life and to be honest I don´t even know if this is
going to send to you cause this computer is messed up and the keyboard
is as well so this whole e-mail might not even make sense.

But, it´s been two weeks already... LOCO!!!! I can´t even imagine being able to describe 

everything that´s happened so far in the short time we have to write emails! We went to
the Campinas Temple today which was about 1.5 hours from Sao Paulo and
I had to speak in Portuguese during the session.... I was literally
like.... nao fluente... this is not the language we have been learning
in the CTM let me tell ya! But it was beautiful! The CTM computers
won´t let us send pictures so I´m super sad about that but 4.5 more
weeks and I´ll show you! Since it´s our first P day we finally get to
take off our blue dots... so people won´t think we´re new anymore!!
Time to study this language super hard. It´s so hard to have time to
write or read anyone´s emails so I´m so sorry... please keep sending
them though and I´ll do my best!! In the field, it will be easier I
hope.  But if you send me letters through that is
muito bom! (very good)

I am in a trio! I have two companions named Sister Dunn and Sister
DiSpirito. They are from Virgina and Colorado.  They are super cool
and we are all going to Recife together! Two other elders in our
district, Elder Talentino and Elder Davis are also going to Recife!
They are muito legal (very cool).  We have 4 other guys in our
District, Elders Scroggins, Shull, Honstein, and Distric Leader
Worsham.  They´re all going to the Salvador misison.  They are super
cool and eay to get along with and wayyyyy funny.  I seriously laugh
so hard with them. Our instructora is Irma Bakr and she is super
amazing.  Since (apparently) I´ve picked up Portuguese kind of well
she won´t even let me speak English in class! Like it´s ONLY ME! She
almost put me in the corner for speaking English like multiple times
hahaha.  I love her.  She just got married a few months ago and she´s
trying to have a baby so if you could pray for her I would be so
thankful!! She is seriously the best.  We had an "investigator" named
Luana and we converted her so like that´s pretty rad.  Now we have two
new investigators we just began teaching named Ana and Izildinha.  You
know they´re teachers here, but at the same time you love them so
differently when they´re acting as your investigators.  It´s so
helpful to have this experience before we head out into the field.

We´ve had a few mix ups in our lessons to Luana though.  One elder in our district 

said he wanted to give her a massage instead of a message, one elder taught about fish
instead of sins and one sister said the word poop instead of to
teach.... but it´s a learning process right?? Haha!

Sundays are the best because despite the fact that they pick 4 random people to speak

 in Portuguese in Sacrament Meeting the day of the church, it´s a relaxing day.  We go
to church, have district meetings, go to Gospel Doctrine, Relief
Society, take a nap, sing in choir, have a devotional, and watch a
movie.  We watched the Work and the Glory (my favorite) and even
though it was completely in Portuguese and we didn´t understand every
word, my was the spirit strong.  I just want to testify to all of you
that this gospel is true.  God lives and loves each of you so much.
Every part of me believes and KNOWS that.  He wants you to have joy in
this life.  He wants you to repent, be baptized, and go ot the temple.
Simply put, He wants you to come unto Him.  I know this is true.  He
loves you more than you can imagine.  Christ died for you.  He loves
you so much.  If you ever feel guilt for anything, if you ever feel
sad or lonely, or angry- pray.  Your pains will be taken away because
Christ takes the burdens off your shoulders and places them on His
own.  He already did that for us.  He prayed and bled from every pore,
and was crucified so that we might have joy and return to Him again.
I testify that this is true.  God loves you and He is so mindful of
you.  You are never alone.  I say that in the name of our Savior,
Jesus Christ, Amen.

I really miss you all so much and love hearing from you!! Seriously so
much.  Until next week! :)

Paz e bençoes,

Sister Garrick

November 4, 2015
Ola de BRASIL!!!!

I am only allowed to write to my family and now that I have figured out how to log on I have 10 minutes left!  Basically in Atlanta my flight landed late i think becuase when I got off, the brazil flight had already started boarding! But i met up with the group of missionaries and checked in just before it was boarding group 2s turn.  THis is spelled wirred because the keybpard is so strange but i dont have time to fix it.  \sao paulo is ghetto.  \but the CTM is so nice and the spirit is so strong.  That gave me comfort.  Recife is going to be a different story... may be killed.  Hope not.  I have  tag. \i have 2 companions. Sat next to a cool missionary on the plane who looked like elder beta and there were like at least 20 of us.  The plane was huge.  Passed out on the altlanta flight but barely slept on the ay to Brazil.  I had a headcahe forgot to pack ibupforen in my carryon.  Okay gotta go love and miss you and thanks for your letters.Don´t have time to send pictures. Tchau!

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