Friday, November 20, 2015

In the world, but not of it.

Oí amigos e família!
How´s everyone been??  I´m in my third week here at the CTM and it´s crazy to think we are just about halfway done here!! Next week, we go proselyting in São Paulo.  We do so much each day here that the days seem long, but the weeks go by so fast! 

This week we´ve taught a lot of lessons! We have two investigators, Ana and Izildinha, and we also do TRC where we teach a member.  For some reason, it´s a lot harder for me to teach the members because they never have any questions!! Oh well.  

At devotional this past Sunday, we got to sing the Brasil National Anthem.  It´s soooo fun to sing! I mean don´t get me wrong- I love the American National Anthem, but the Brasil one is so upbeat and fast and I love it! 

This morning we got to go to a different temple- the São Paulo temple! It´s seriously so gorgeous and less than 30 mins away from the CTM! I´m so glad we get to go to two temples while we are here and then I´ll get to go to the one in Recife during my mission as well! :) 

My district had a testimony meeting as part of our district meeting this week and it was so amazing to hear everyone get up and share with us what they KNOW to be true.  It helped me realize that I needed to remember that everyone has different reasons why they chose to go on the mission and everyone has their own trials.  I love each day that I get to know my district better.

Well, that´s it for now... but if anyone can tell me what´s been going on in Paris I´d appreciate it. We heard a little bit from new Americans that just got here but we are very sheltered here at the CTM, :) I also just want to bear my testimony that this gospel is true.  God put us on the earth with the genes to be successful.  He does not give us any trials that we cannot overcome.  Em e nome de Jesus Cristo, amém.

Paz e Benções,
        Sister Garrick

Also, why is military time a thing?  I literally never know what time it is here.  okay tchau. - Sister G.

Sister DiSpirito, Sister Dunn, Sister Garrick

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