Monday, August 15, 2016

The Sisters Started the Fire!

(To the tune of Ryan Started the Fire from The Office)


Sorry I didn´t have time to write last week!

Why the title? Because 3 weeks ago, thanks to everything I learned at Girls Camp, my comp and I were able to start a fire for a family of members that couldn´t cook food because their stove broke! We made a fire and she cooked her humble cuscuz e galinha! She was shocked at how we started it! Blessings from the Lord com certeza!!

This week Paula was baptized and we are so happy for her!!! We sang with the sisters from Pina, I am a Child of God in Portuguese, Spanish, and English with Sister Taylor playing the violin and me singing the descant.  The bishops of our two wards even asked us to sing it again in Sacrament Meeting! I know that when we sing and play music we are bearing testimony that we know that God loves us and that Christ is our Redeemer! I know this gospel is true and I know without a doubt that you are children of a King who loves you so very much.  Never forget you divine nature and always stand as a witness of your Heavenly Father at all times and in all places! 

Sister Garrick

Blue ocean filled with sharks be careful

Pizza Hut and guessing the transfers

Problems of singing in 3 languages

I love Boa Viagem

From the chic apartment of our recent convert, Angela

At Paula's baptism

Singing I am A Child of God 

Angela at her apartment!

Divisão com Sister Faria e Sister Iglesias

Cuscuz and guacamole is super good together

Matching shoes for 10 reais (Eu e Sister Lopez)

I don´t know why I´m in love with this horrible picture but it describes 
our relationship as roommates here in Brasil

The one night it was slightly cold (só que não)

Why is Boa Viagem gorgeous??

Sister Juárez is in paradise hahaha

Mexico and pants and O Livro de Mórmon

Boa Viagem :)

Ingrid´s entrevista para ser batizada


Yo estoy en el Mexico 

Atividade na capela

Bolos para o batismo da Ingrid

She´s so special :)

Ingrid made us bracelets :)

Ingrid´s baptism

I´m in NYC

Paula :)

Everyone calls me Sister Gary because the "ck" is uncommon here sooo....

9 months in the mission!

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