Monday, May 23, 2016

The Long and Winding Road....

Hello folks.  
This week was emotional.  We worked just 2.5 days in our area.  It was weird.  I haven't taught a lesson in awhile.  Am I even a missionary??  But yes, this week we went to Caruaru for our District Meeting which was the last one of this transfer! We took pics together and ate lemon bars that Sister Thacker made for us! Then we went to Garunhuns for a division ou sei la I don´t remember how to say it in English.. exchanges?? I don't know, but we went there which takes 3 hours on a bus to get there.  We taught lessons with the sisters there and I learned a ton! I want to follow the example of one of the sister trainers because she prays so personally to Heavenly Father.  She tells him everything she did during the day, what her goals are, and asks for help.  It was so humble and I am going to try to do this in my prayers now. 

When I got back to the house in Garanhuns after the exchanges, Sister M. Costa said she had some sad news for me.  She told me I was going to be transferred.  I was like I know you´re kidding, I´m obviously not.  We only had 5 weeks together in this new area and everything is going SO well! She was like, "Would I joke about this?" and I was like, "Um yes of course you would- e apôs" hahaha and I made her show me the call from the elder.  She showed me and I still didn´t believe her.  Then she started crying and I believed it. It was a little emotional these days.  You don´t get to stay with your best companions forever. :(  

After the exchanges we went to Recife to have P-day with President Bigelow and his family. I helped them make crepes and omelets and it was so good to have something other than rice and beans! ;) We played board games and talked and their daughter Megan, Sister M. Costa, the elders and I played knock out at their apartment. It was so fun! I realized how much I missed playing basketball. 

 After P-day, I went back to Gravatá for one more Sunday in my favorite ward and saw Geyseane get confirmed as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ! She was so at peace. I said bye to everyone and one of our investigators even bought me a hammock.  I told her no! You do not ned to do that! But you can't stop Brasilians.. they are SO generous.  I miss my area and everyone there SOOOO much! 

But now I´m here in Janga.  It´s a city on the beach in the Olinda stake.  It is gorgeous and the water is so blue! I love it! But it´s literally the hottest area of the mission.  I get to be companions with Sister Sanguino that just finished being trained here in Janga! She is from Colombia and is so sweet. Maybe I´ll be able to re-learn some Spanish from her! ;) I also get to be in the same house and district as Sister DiSpirito! I´m so happy. :) And Elder Abrego from Honduras (My zone leader in Gravatá) is going to train in my district here! I´m happy I get to take a few people with me here to the center of the sun! ;) But that´s about it! Love and miss you all! This church is perfect and true! Thank you soooo much for your prayers and kind words. 

Sister Garrick <3

Our District leader and his comp bought us all ice cream cones 
after our last District Meeting!

Last Subway trip :(

Exchanges with Sister McClean

Decorations for São João

Tapioca come queijo that Sister M. Costa made (eu amo)

The new shoes I bought that are already falling apart eita 

P-day com Presidente


Sister Rondon aww (my first Sister trainer)

Sister Bigelow- I LOVE HER 



My vocabulário nordestino t shirt hahaha

Bruno and Rosinha 

The biggest tríplice I´ve ever seen! 

Geyseane :) 

Renata who gave us lunch on my last day there <3

Such a great group of members :)

We can wear hats in the mission now então bora ;)

Kal-el and Andrey <3 

My suitcase was just too big 

I got to stay the night in Casa Forte and see Sister Aguiar de novo! :) :)

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