Monday, May 16, 2016

On the Streets of Brasil, Son!


TUDO BEM MEUS AMIGOS!? It feels like P-Day was just 2 days ago... OH wait that´s because it WAS! HA! Anyways, It was so good to read all your emails and hear from all of you this week! It made me so happy. :) Yesterday, the two wards we work in (Boa Vista and Gravatá) combined.  The members of the Camocim branch came to our chapel as well.  The Stake President announced that everyone from Bezerros that usually goes to our ward will now go to the Camocim branch.  Lots of new information and TONS of people at church which was fantastic as always!  The elders of Camocim came too, but they didn´t have time to eat, so they called us and asked us to bring them food, but all I had in our house was apples and peanut butter that my mom sent me, so I brought that.  My goodness, I went into one of the rooms at church to see the elders destroying my peanut butter with a few other RM´s who had American companions and missed the wonderful taste of peanut butter! HAHAHA! They wouldn´t even let me in the room it was too funny! 

After church, Geyseane was baptized! I love her! When she came out of the water Sister M. Costa and I were there in the bathroom ready to help her.  She said she couldn´t even describe the happiness and peace she felt just penetrating from her! She was beaming with joy and you could see a light in her! Oh, it was perfect! I felt like her mom and remembered my baptism and my mom asking me how I felt! It was such a spiritual experience! 

Well, that´s about it for the past two days! Today we went exploring in Gravatá,  my like new favorite city! We found so much art and cool stuff just exploring the streets, son! It was so sweet.  I´ll send pics.  LOTS. Love you all! The greatest joy we can feel is when we are sharing the gospel, I can promise you that.  I´ve never been happier in my life here! Sorry mom, but I don´t want to go home! ;) Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Com amor,
Sister Garrick :) 

                                            Classic nametag temple pic sabe? 

Waiting for the bus to the temple with my Brasilian homies

 My lovely District menos one dupla at Burger King! 

 I ran into my lovely Sister AGUIAR at the temple!! :) 

As we were looking at our District Leader´s camera, 
we found a few pics of him pretending to be Clark Kent 
so we decided to imitate hahaha

 Geyseane´s baptism:) Rubens baptized her (recent convert)

 Reminds me of the Tiki Tiki Room at Disneyland :)

 Art in Cruzeiro

More random things we found

 More art!

 Straight thug gin´

 A brigadeiro I ate today.  I´ve only eaten this today send help.

Don´t fall.

 My favorite area thus far :)

 Carnaval ainda??

 Coming at you live from Brasil, this is Sister Garrick, 
Have a Brasilian night. (Anchorman)


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