Monday, December 19, 2016


This week was Sister Sousa's 20 year old birthday- YAYYY!!  Because I'm poor, her awesome present was my old English dictionary because she wants to learn English and nail polish that I've also had since my first area, but I burned chocolate chip cookies from the heart too.  But it's okay because this was the first birthday she's had that anyone has commemorated, so she loved it!  

This Sunday was Missionary Sunday so we gave talks, and our ward mission leader did too.  Then he gave Liahona magazines to each organization in the church and people wrote down names and addresses of their non-member friends for us to deliver this present to them and reach them.  It was way cool.

Funny things-

Sunday at lunch, Lucas who is 5 years old I think, got home and took of all his clothes except for his underwear, and when I asked him where were his clothes, he said that it was too hot. (estava calor).  Learning while they´re young.

Our 82 year old investigator, Rosa, said the closing prayer in one of our lessons and said,"I hope this doesn´t happen, but if you decide to take me away from the earth tomorrow, keep my special needs daughter in good conditions, but if someone wants to destroy her, that´s not my problem."  WHAT.

I tried to contact someone knocking on doors and asked him what his name was and he said he didn´t have one. NICE.

We passed by a bar called "family bar".... Well, that´s not possible.

When we asked our 82 year old investigator how she felt when she prayed, she responded, "Have you ever seen an ant?  They´re so small!  How do they have eyes and arms and legs and little bodies? I´ve never seen it!" -___-

When we asked someone what they knew about the story of Adam and Eve, they said they lived in God´s presence, but then they didn´t want to, so they had to take showers naked....

WELLLL this is the life of a missionary.

On another note, Artur was baptized, and he and Arianny were confirmed on Sunday!  It was very spiritual and I´m growing to love seeing our investigators after they receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, because they immediately have a different light about them!  This gospel is real and the keys of the Priesthood returned!

Merry Christmassssss,
Sister Garrick 

Artur´s baptism

what are you doing in a tree?

Sister Sousa´s surprise birthday!

more birthday surprises during the day


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