Monday, December 5, 2016



This week we made Christmas ornaments with the Young Women organization for one of our investigators that will probably be passing Christmas alone and decorated her tree, made sugar cookies, sang Christmas hymns, and watched the video from the church about service with her ( She was happy and the Young Women enjoyed participating as well!

This week was also Arianny´s baptism! Her inactive parents were there too and were able to feel the spirit again! I challenge you all to accept the challenge of service in some small way each day this month as the church is promoting to be a light unto the world and to be better disciples of Christ! If you haven´t watched the video yet-it´s 2 minutes.  Go watch it!

Love you all,
Sister Garrick

P.S. We had exchanges in Boa Viagam and I was in heaven.

Arianny´s baptism! :)

Segurando a barra de ferro para comer do fruto da árvore da vida
(from mom: I think this says essentially-
holding the iron rod to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life)

Picolé at our favorite spot in Pina

We always dreamed of eating ice cream at Fri-Sabor

From kneeling in prayer too hard...kidding- I fell hard.

Our investigator giving up coffee

Preparation for our service project with the YW (I love them:)

Light The World!  I felt real American decorating sugar cookies.

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