Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Semana das Milagres

Let me just copy Hermana Dibble's subject line and translate to Portuguese! This week truly was the week of the miracles!  It´s been a little hard opening this area with little investigators.  We tried to visit people who gave us their phone numbers and addresses that ended up not existing and it was just hard!  But President Bigelow taught us a principle that´s very interesting found in Alma 17.  Basically it says that to have "milhares de batismos" and to have lots of success as missionaries, we need to yes-fast, pray, study the scriptures, teach with the spirit, etc. We all know that.  But in the same chapter, it says that we need to suffer physically and mentally- that literally you can´t have success if suffering is not involved. If we suffer a lot, we will have a lot of success!  The Book of Mormon is filled with examples of this true principle! Look at the first verse of 1 Nephi for example! How did I not see this before?!?!  This week the miracles came in strong.  We were able to have 5 investigators at church on Sunday and have 3 elect investigators lined up for baptism and a lot of helpful and active, willing members!  Rio Doce is Zion y’all and my companion is awesome.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Thank you for ALL your prayers.  I feel blessed because of them.

Sister Garrick

Photos: OLINDA!

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