Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hola muchachos.  I’ve been on a mix of English, Spanish, and Portuguese living with an American, a Brasilian, and a Colombian nossa. But all is well. 

This week was great! A lot of our lessons fell through that we tried to plan so well with members, there was even a day where we weren’t able to teach a single lesson, but we tried NOT to get discouraged because that´s what the adversary wants and he is nothing e eu no ligo a ele hahaha. Anyways, last P-day I got my hair cut and the other we went to Olinda and it was so cool! It was the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been too by far, even in the rain.  I´ll attach photos visse? LOL I´m sorry some things I write will only make sense in Portugese for us Nordestinos! Anyways, today we went to Mercado São Jose which is this big market that sells a lot of souvenirs from Recife so do I even need to say that I bought a lives worth supply of souvenirs?? Last week, I brought Peanut Butter to a family of investigators house to try because they wanted to try it and they were in heaven.  It was so funny! Sorry this email is all over the place but I love this work.  Even in moments of sadness, fear, or difficulties, I know my Savior lives and that he protects and watches over his missionaries and all of God´s children.  I’ve seen so many miracles on the mission and even more this week.  I love this gospel and I´m so grateful to be a child of God.  I would also encourage all of you (especially men) to read Russell M. Nelson's talk from the Priesthood Session this past conference.  I just read it and dang was it good.

Love you all,
Sister Garrick

Photo 1: Sister Sanguino made Colombian guacamole 
and it was the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten

Photo 2: Going up the "stairs of mercy" in Olinda

Photo 3: Pernambuco house in Olinda

Photo 4: Olinda :)

Photo 5: Olinda again 

Photo 6: So gorgeous

Photo 7: OLINDA

Photo 8: the ocean

Photo 9: Pernambuco

Photo 10: how nautical

Photo 11: Ice cream that i bought for everyone sorry dad

Photo 12: Packages and letters I received from all of you
 (shout out to Willow Creek YW you guys are the best)


Photo 14: my name in Portuguese what 

Photo 15: Recife é nossa missão at mercado São Jose 

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