Monday, June 27, 2016

A Brazilian Birthday Week!

Hello all! I felt so loved this week! This week was my birthday on the 23rd and I just want to thank all of you for your birthday emails to me!! It made me happy to read them today. :) This Wednesday my companion said we needed to go to a member’s house, but I didn’t want to.  I was like they’re just going to give us food and there’s no point.  But, we went.  We got there and they surprised me with pizzas and a cake made out of cuscuz which is made out of corn and it´s what poor people eat here, so everyone makes fun of me for loving it, but I LOVE it. It was the day before my birthday, so I wasn’t even expecting it! Over the course of 3 days- one day before my birthday, my birthday, and the day after- I received 7 cakes. 7 CAKES.  I might be 20 years old, bit I just feel like I’ve gained 20 kilos. I'm happy that my companions and members are so kind to have made my only birthday in Brasil so special! :) 

On my birthday at night the sisters surprised me with yet another cake, and a little surprise party in our house.  We used the glowsticks my mom sent me and the beach ball hahaha it was too funny.  Then we roasted starbursts... on the stove.  My birthday is a holiday called São João here and on this day you see a million bonfires in the street with people roasting corn... so we celebrated with a  mini bonfire on the stove roasting starbursts hahaha.

This week we also had Zone Conference.  We learned a lot about how to discover the problems that our investigators have and how to invite people to keep commitments more powerfully as representatives of Jesus Christ.  We are going to have another zone conference on Wednesday and I´m excited to learn more.  President Bigelow taught us what he learned from a meeting with Elder Holland when he was here in Brazil talking with the mission presidents.  Elder Holland said that the 2nd coming is not a one time event.  It has already started.  It started when God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and will keep moving forward as they continue to visit the earth until the glorious coming of our Savior.  I know that this church is true.  I know that Joseph Smith restored the true gospel to the earth and that by the real power of God he translated the Book of Mormon.  Keeping The Lord´s commandments is the only way we can prepare for Christ´s return.  I love you all and I love my Savior.  Please remember to do the simple things this week to prepare for this wonderful day in these Latter-Days.  

Com amor,
Sister (irmã) Garrick ;) 

P-day with our district.  We ate hamburgers and played volleyball. 

Zone conference

Presdient Bigelow gave all the summer birthdays chocolate

new mission bag

From mom:  Sadly a couple of pictures from her email didn't go through. At least the best part of this last picture came through. :)

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