Monday, July 4, 2016

"Closing Time"

Oí galeras

This week so many things happened!  We had exchanges with our sister training leaders in Casa Forte and I learned A TON! I love Sister M. Lima and Sister Rammell! This week we got news that the Janga area is going to close and elders are going to re-open it because it´s not safe for sisters anymore. :( I was reflecting on my transfer and thinking if we really had success... and I truly feel like we were able to move a little bit of this area! We were able to reactivate 6 less actives and mark 2 baptisms and 1 wedding for the elders! I´m so grateful to be able to be an instrument in Heavenly Father´s hands. :)

This week President Bigelow called us and he said (in Portuguese), "Sister Garrick, I would like to call you to be the next Sister Training Leader for all the sisters in Litoral Zone.  You will be companions with Sister Juarez and work in Boa Viagem." My response was "Seriously?" And he was like, "Seriously! But don´t worry, we are going to help you prepare and train you and you will understand better this week."  SOOO I´m here in Boa Viagem now with Sister Juarez from Hidalgo in Mexico (close to Mexico city).  I´m so excited to work with her and to be a sister training leader because I love to serve and I know I will grow so much from this wonderful experience! I´m so so so so grateful! I am so grateful for all of your prayers and I know that they are answered always! I love this gospel.  I know that as we stand as witnesses of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places, we are helping others by our example, by our actions, our words, and our smiles.  Christ is our Savior and because of him we have the wonderful gift of repentance and can return to our Father´s presence once again! 

Thank you and love you all. :)

Com muito carinho,
Sister Garrick


The original trio reunite at zone conference part 2! 

My Sister training leader (Sister M. Lima) in Casa Forte that I LOVE! She is now going home because 18 months is up :(

There´s a neighborhood in Janga called The United States hahaha and yes we do ride in these almost every day and yes it is scary and yes I almost fell out of one

Missionaries can use sunglasses now 

Tapioca with bananas and peanut butter 

The sisters of Janga on our last Sunday together

This Plan of Salvation thing I made to teach families

Last Sunday with Sister Vampirinha 
(Her name is Sanguino and sangue is blood 
and so we call her sister little vampire)

 The pain to leave this beautiful family in Janga :(

This game we played at a Family Home Evening 
(basically you have a balloon secured in the middle and you have to keep poking it with these sticks until it pops.  It´s super intense. I think it´s called Boom Balloon.)

 #FechamosJanga2k16 #WeClosedJanga2k16

 SIster DiSpirito is going to open my old area Gravatá!!!

 Sister Sanguino is going to open the farthest area in the mission: Arcoverde!!

 Sister Cogo finished her mission :(

 Last time I´ll probably see Sister Aguiar because tis is her last transfer! :(

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