Monday, January 18, 2016


Tudo Bem!

This week we had divisões! I think that´s divisions?? Basically when the sister trainers come and go proselyting and teaching with you! I went with another sister from São Paulo, Sister Rondon.  It was my favorite day in the mission because she helped me study Portuguese effectively, I learned different ways of teaching and contacting, and she spoke a little English too! ;) We found two awesome families to teach who are already legally married!! (That´s a rarity here)  We took turns choosing people to talk to on the streets which helped me have more courage and truly enjoy contacting. During our last lesson of the day, the family we were teaching had a dog that threw up by our feet and then proceeded to LICK ME!!! NOOOO. HAHAHA how awful, but a funny memory now.  After this day, I feel like Sister Gomes and I worked even harder and became more motivated, consecrated missionaries.

 This week passed one month in the field and 2.5 months in Brasil! CRAZY! Sister Gomes and I have started running in the praça every morning near our house.  It´s so nice to be outside before the sun gets super strong and super hot.  The days are better because of this and we are so lucky to have an outdoor gym so close to our house.

Another funny, yet unfortunate thing that happened this week was before we started teaching a lesson, I was trying to close my umbrella, but the end of it shot up and punched me in the eye, causing into swell up and bleed. :( Sooooo I taught the lesson while ice-ing my eye! HA! 

This past Sunday a very spiritual experience happened.  In the past two weeks we have eaten lunch at a house of the first counselor in the Bishopric.  But we always eat with his wife and their children, because he is always working during the day.  She has been a less-active member of the church for 8 years.  After lunch, we always wash her dishes and share a gospel message with her and her children.  Yesterday, she showed up at church! We were like WHAT?!?!?! After Sacrament Meeting, she came over to us and told us that she used to never feed the missionaries, just gave them money to buy food somewhere else.  She started feeding us and felt the spirit again.  She hadn´t felt this way in 8 years, but she felt like she needed to read The Book of Mormon again and go to church again.  Sister Gomes and I started crying of pure joy.  And so did she.  It was the most amazing feeling hearing that story.  She thanked us, but she shouldn´t have.  Because it was the spirit.  We are just instruments in His hands. I know it.  Experiences like this keep me going each day.  I miss you and love you all. I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ´s church.

Com amor,
Sister Garrick

ICE CREAM! (This is the hottest month in Brasil- January)

My area!

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