Monday, February 27, 2017

Would You Look at Those Elect!?

Last Monday, we contacted a referral from the elders.  It was of a family that went to a baptism in their area.  We visited them and they were SOOO receptive.  They told us that they had been members of other churches and always have studied The Bible, but that they always felt that something was missing.  We taught them The Restoration and about The Book of Mormon.  They understood very well, our message.  They said they would read and pray to know if it was true.  We invited them to be baptized, and with tears in the mother´s eyes, they accepted and she had been thinking so much about baptism and her need to be baptized recently that the spirit was INCREDIBLE!

When we went back there later that week, they had a list prepared with questions for us to answer!  Think of intelligent investigators! They were understanding questions because they honestly wanted to know the truth and were searching for it.

They had a trip planned to get away from Carnaval this weekend, so they could not go visit church this Sunday, but 5 minutes before the meeting started, their whole family walked in!  Their trip fell through (sad, but not) and they decided to surprise us coming to church!! :))))  It was such a wonderful miracle.  We love them with all our hearts. :)

I am a witness that Heavenly Father is preparing people to accept this restored gospel.  He loves us so much.  I have realized my complete dependence on Him to participate in His work.  Alone, I am nothing and literally cannot help anyone, but with Him and with His help, there is nothing a person cannot do.  I love being able to be used as an instrument in His hands.  I´m so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity I have to serve a mission for however short it may be.

Love you all,

Sister Garrick

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