Monday, March 6, 2017

Another Week of Miracles


I´ll just start with the highlights.  This past Sunday, our investigators, Bel, Thiago, Icaro, Carlos, Emerson, Clarissa, and William- and almost all of our recent converts went to church!  We were so excited.  Victor, our 12 year old recent convert bore his testimony for the first time at the pulpit about the happiness he felt when he was baptized! It brought tears and big smiles to our faces that’s for sure! During Relief Society, I was sitting next to one of our investigators, and during the lesson she turned to me and said quietly, "Garrick, I feel that this church is true."  I asked her how she felt and with tears streaming down her face she said that it’s by the acts of the members and how she feels- the confirmation she felt from The Holy Ghost.  I gave her a big hug and just smiled.  That helped me have even more certainty that God prepares the hearts of His children.

I got a bad cold this week and the same day we got rained on- like 2 times.  We were trying to get to a certain part of our area during Carnaval but every street we walked on there was a Carnaval parade marching and people drinking and partying and we had to run literally IN FRONT of one of the blocos in the pouring rain to get to a "safe" place. Hahahaha #socorro.

Lots more things happened this week but I don’t even remember or know how to put it into words!

Love you all,
Sister Garrick

We paid 8 reais to go up the elevator to see ALL of Recife 

We could see the Bairro Novo chapel from up there! 

The translation didn’t turn out so well….

  Olinda again!

Food I eat  

The day we got poured on

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