Monday, March 13, 2017

TEARS (in general)

Well, this was the last week of this transfer!  We got news that Sister Sousa would be leaving for a new area and I will be staying here in Rio Doce for at least one more transfer! Yesterday, Sunday, was hard.  Sister Sousa and I have learned so much together- she's my daughter practically! ;) We have both grown to love the Rio Doce ward and our investigators and members soooo much that it was hard for her to leave, hard for me to see her leave, and hard for the members and our investigators to see her leave as well.  :(

On the bright side, we were able to have a wonderful Family Home Evening (FHE) with Clarissa and Emerson who are preparing for baptism for the 17th! They are so special!  Clarissa received a special testimony that this church was true, but her husband was still anxious and not feeling ready to commit to that specific date, but after much faith, fasting, and prayer, and just the spirit, after the FHE, he said that he knows he doesn’t know EVERYTHING but feels that what he’s learning is true.  He said that he WILL be baptized with his wife on Friday!  WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM AND WE LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH! This week, together with several members, were able to help them move apartments.  I sweat so much.  Here in Brazil I learned that I sweat a lot.  The sun´s hotter here than anywhere else.  I promise you haha.  We also were able to participate in a few other service projects that helped me learn more about the Savior and love Him and my Heavenly Father more!

OH! Almost forgot- I have been called to train again! I’m way excited for this next mission chapter in my favorite mission in the world- Brasil Recife!! Love you all and thank you for your prayers!  

P.S. Thanks mom for the Valentine’s Day Package! :)

Sister Garrick 💙 
Olinda District

 Our investigator, Thiago who’s preparing for baptism!

 Doing the victor pose

Family Home Evening with our investigators, Clarissa and Emerson! :) 


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