Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hello all! 
 I have arrived in my mission! We are on Recife! I´m sorry- I'll have to write more next week I only have 10 minutes more! They close early here for some reason. BUT- I have a new companion named Sister Gomes! She is from São Paulo and is super cool! We can sort of communicate and we live with 2 other Brasilian sisters in Vitória! {Note from Jillie's mom... my best guess after searching a map is that she is in Vitoria de Santo Antao.} We are opening this area! We are the first sisters here and its super rural and cool! It's so difficult to understand people but i know the Lord will bless me! We taught the Restoration to two people last night. I was able to feel a part of God´s love for these people in my heart, and it was something I´ve never experienced before.  I was able to speak in somewhat understandable Portuguese and understand a lot in that moment. What a blessing! I know that The Gift of tongues is real! Two of our investigators already committed to baptism! WOW! What an amazing feeling that was!
Okay, this past Sunday we went to our branch. It needs a lot of work. There are about 30 members and since they had no 1st speaker during Sacrament, I had to speak and so did Sister Gomes.  it was hard, but the Spirit was there! Okay sorry I already have to go, I´ll write more next week!

Love you all,
Sister Garrick

Last day in the CTM

New Companions: Sister Gomes from Sao Paulo and Sister Garrick

Recife Brazil LDS Temple

Recife shoreline

 Sister missionaries in the Recife Mission

New missionaries reporting to the Brazil Recife Mission with President and Sister Bigelow


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