Monday, October 24, 2016

"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission!"

The subject line isn't about me but about other people!! The missionary spirit is starting to spread like wildfire here in Boa Viagem.  Heinrich is a youth from this ward that helps us out so much and he is about to leave for his mission this week to Porto Alegre!  He gave his farewell talk yesterday and his dad brought his friend and his family that aren´t members to church to hear his son talk and to meet the sisters!  (or as he calls it- 2 American girls he knows...)  My gosh.  Anyways, it was super neat.  There were so many people at church this Sunday- but what was especially cool was that there were so many people in Gospel Principles class this week!!  We also have an investigator named, Anderson who is being prepared to be baptized this Saturday and he told us yesterday that he too will be serving a mission!!   We were like what!!??!  And he was like I know I have to wait a year, but I am already planning it all out!  We hadn’t even talked about missionary service yet!! He has been prepared by The Lord SO HARD and Sister Lopez and I want to come back to Brasil for his farewell talk. 

This weekend Luisa was also baptized and confirmed and it was such a super spiritual experience for all of us.  Sister Lopez, Sister Schmidt, Sister Taylor, and I played and sung "Baptism" for her and when she was baptized she was one of the happiest people I’ve ever seen in my entire life!! It was so cool! :) I love the doctrine of baptism and the symbolism of being born again as a child of Christ.  I know that we need daily repentance and baptism to return to our loving Father’s presence.  I know that He lives.  I know that we are here because He needs our example for all of His children here upon the earth.  Let us all be disciples of Christ!

Amo vocês visse?

Sister Garrick ;)

(I'm guessing Sister Garrick is the blonde one and Sister Lopez the brunette)


 Luisa’s baptism and crepes for lunch ;)

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