Monday, February 22, 2016



This week was wicked awesome! We got to go to the beautiful Recife temple!! We ate McDonald's before and Burger King after, but listen- it´s a once in a lifetime opportunity- HERE, so let me splurge. ;)  The temple was so amazing! Ugh I felt like I was right at home in the House of The Lord! It was truly a special day, I felt God´s love for me and all of his children so strong.

Before we got to the temple however, we saw something we never wanted to see- a man completely nude walking casually on the streets of Casa Forte! Like what!??  My gosh you see everything in the mission. 

Brother Albinho, the leader of missionary work in our stake (Jardim São Paulo) is helping us out a lot and encouraging the members to be member missionaries as well!  He gave a great talk yesterday and here are a few things we learned: Charity is when you aren´t jealous, when you´re patient in your afflictions, always looking to help others, forgetting your problems, and being concerned for the welfare of others.  Charity truly is the pure love of Christ! Yesterday we had 4 investigators, 2 less actives and 2 visitors at church who we marked days with to visit at church! It was the best Sunday I´ve experienced in the mission so far! Our members were so welcoming and the spirit was just so strong! One of our less actives, Felipe, wants to serve a mission and asked for our help! We are so excited! 

Something funny that happened last night was that we were talking to one our investigators, Sergio, and as we were leaving he said, tchau Sister Gomes, and tchau Sister... how do you say it?  (Normally people pronounce my name like Gary or Gahíki, but he said Oh Garrick like the Black Eyed Peas! I said, Huh? He said ya know, Gotta get dat boom boom boom! HAHAHA! SO he now calls us Sister Gomes and Sister Gotta get dat. It made me lol.

Until next P-day,
Sister Garrick



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