Monday, February 1, 2016


Ola friends and family! 

This week I feel like I don´t have much to write! It´s been hard this week because Carnival has already begun to start.  Really, Carnival should be one week- the 4th to the 10th, but here in Pernambuco it´s kind of a month long thing haha.  Next week there´s a chance I won´t be able to e-mail because everything, I mean EVERYTHING is going to be closed because it will be the actual week of Carnival. We even have to buy another weeks worth of groceries today porque tudo vai ser fechados (because everything will be closed). But we´ll see! Why is it difficult to work?? Because everyone is in party-mode right now! It´s like hold on- have ya´ll heard of this cool thing called The Word of Wisdom, The Law of Chastity, or maybe clothes?? haha  The decorations are really pretty, but there aren´t many people interested in our message these days:(

But one day this week we were halfway to a lesson with a really awesome investigator named Beatriz who is going to be married and baptized this month!! (named Beatriz) Anyways, she lives far away, over an hour to get there walking (which we have to do), and it started pouring, I forgot my umbrella and Sister Gomes´ broke. But we enjoyed it! It felt soooo good because there was wind too! It was actually COLD in Pernambuco!?  What a blessing! But then it started storming, thankfully we were able to get a ride by Beatriz´s sister, but the roads were unlike anything anything I´ve ever seen! Her car was almost halfway swimming in the water! Que loco! It was quite an adventure.

I want to share my testimony with you all that no matter what difficulties we face, no matter how hard things are in our lives, no matter how much guilt we feel, we are never alone.  Jesus Christ atoned for us.  He died for each one of us.  He loves you all so much.  I want you all to personally reflect on Christ´s sacrifice for YOU.  He really, actually knows you.  This is why he bled from every pore, this is why he suffered on the cross, and prayed for you. He knows what you´re going through.  He´s waiting for you to come unto Him.  Our problem is when we don´t take advantage of His Sacrifice.  So repent, pray, read the scriptures each day, let his love fill your soul so that you may feel peace once again in your lives.  This is my testimony- that Christ lives and loves you.  We truly can return to His presence after this life.  I´m grateful for you all and that I can live with my family forever! Thank you for all your prayers and love! 
Sister Garrick 

After the super rainy day- totally soaked 

I feel like I don't need to explain this- KOBE!  

One night this week I went proselyting in crocs because they are so comfy! #sorrynotsorry

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