Monday, September 12, 2016


This past Saturday we were able to find the most elect couple! Aline and Wagner! They were a referral from a member and we love them!! They are a great example of people that are looking for the truth! Aline even took 3 of her kids with her to church the day after we met her on Sunday!  We are so grateful for The Lord putting people in our path in the minds and hearts of our members to visit and teach repentance.

This week we had a breakfast for new members Sunday morning and I made my mom's banana chocolate chip bars and they turned our great! What a miracle ;) haha.  Edlma and Alberto (RC) even brought a friend to the activity and it was very special! 

This week we had mission counsel, sister conference, 2 exchanges, and P-Day of exercises! It has been a long and busy week! But a great one!  Today, Sister Bigelow and President did exercises with us for 6 minutes and LITERALLY KILLED US. 6 MINUTES! They are hardcore and we are all weak de verdade.  They taught us how to be healthier and gave us sandwiches and I never want to eat chocolate again in my life.  We were able to work with the sisters from Pina and from Setúbal this week and I was able to learn so much from these wonderful missionaries! Shout out to Sister Taylor because I know her parents read these on my blog- she is a wonderful missionary and I loved my time with her in Boa Viagem! :)

At Sister Conference, Sister Juárez and I were able to lead a discussion sobre the talk "Um Apelo de Minha Irmãs" by Russel M. Nelson.  I forgot how to say it in English and this talk is so great! Google it! It´s from General Conference like last year!   (from mom: A Plea to My Sisters. )  We watched a video about The Atonement and Missionary Work by President Eyring and Elder Holland and watching in ON the mission is A LOT different that watching it before. I need my Savior.  I need Him every hour and I need His divine and infinite help in becoming better and more like Him.  Thank you all for ALL of your support!


Sister Garrick 

(from mom: Found this picture in Sister Garrick's email this week- 
A photo from leadership council)

Also from mom:  Sister Lopez's mom shared these pictures on Facebook today.  
Sept 7th was Brazil's Independence Day and the missionaries went out to serve.  
Apparently these sister missionaries cleaned a restaurant called Bella Nordestina.  
They cleaned it and also prepared lunch (chicken hearts)   

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