Monday, January 16, 2017

The Week of A Million P-Days

This week Wednesday was Pday, then the assistants called 6:30am on Saturday to tell us to go to President´s house to eat lunch with him because we reached the standard of excellence for baptism´s this month and then today it´s already P-Day again like whaaaat...

WOW I don´t have time and have lots to day so I´ll just throw information at you.   Grazielly was baptized and we love her!! She´s so cute and makes sure her grandparents read the scriptures with her every single night. :) She was a miracle.  Everyone should read the definitions of the word "prayer" in the LDS English Bible Dictionary right now because it´s incredible.  UGH I learned so much doctrine and I literally don´t even have another minute to tell ya´ll, but next week I´ll try my best!

Love you thanks for the prayers and the emails sorry I didn´t respond this week- I will next week!

Sister Garrick

Victor´s baptism (I love this little kid) and temple :)

Grazielly´s batismo :) love her!

Pre-mcdonalds, post-mcdonalds


President´s house

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