Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hastening the Work in Boa Vista

Olå todos!

This week was awesome!!! Boa Vista is an AWESOME and GORGEOUS area!!!!  Our area is filled with mountains, jungles, flowers, ranches, rivers... it´s seriously gorgeous! However, the mountains make for a lot of aching bodies at the end of the day. ;) Sister Feltran and I have been thinking of ways that we can make this work move faster in our area because everybody says that this area is one of the hardest in the mission to have a baptism because nobody wants to change or the ones that do aren't married and don't want to get married.  BUT, we aren't getting discouraged or disheartened! We are working hard!  Yesterday at church we had 6 investigators show up! It was so nice to see people making an effort and using faith to go to the true church of Jesus Christ. We organized a family home evening at the home of one of the members here and invited members of the ward and investigators as well.  We had a lot of people show up and it was so awesome! We had a lesson, played some games, and ate cake! We would like to have one family home evening each week if possible.  We are also organizing an open house in the church for non-members to see how are church runs and to get to know the classes and what goes on.  We are excited!

Also, this week we ate hot dogs at this place called Sr. Dog and it was sooooo good. Best hot dog I´ve ever eaten in my entire life. Mas, é isso.

I just want to let you all know that I know that when we put the Lord´s will before our own, we will have joy.  We will see miracles in our life when we obey all the commandments and strive to become like Christ! Love you all and am thankful for all your messages to me!

Com amor,
Sister Jillie Garrick :)

Photo 1: On top of our area

Photo 2: "This isn't missionary work, this is missionary fun!" -(I forgot who said this)

Photo 3: Noite familiar! (Family Home Evening)

Photo 4: Our friend, Donkey!

Photo 5: I wish I could force our investigators to read The Book of Mormon 
like I forced this cat to.  (No cats were harmed in the making of this photo... probably)

Photo 6: Our chique demais lasagna :)

Photo 7:  (Sorry- you're gonna get lots of photos today) 
Denis at church- one of our investigators 

Photo 8:  Our first Sunday as companions!

Photo 9: The gorgeous scenery! 
(This is the area of the other sisters we live with but still)

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