Monday, March 28, 2016


This week was the week of animals.  Ya'll I don't have much time to write today, but you need to watch this video if you haven't yet:  It's truly inspired.  #Aleluia (in Portuguese) 

But yes, this week I ate fish, clams, held a turtle, held a monkey, you name it! This week was the week of animals.  Speaking of animals I hope you all got a nice visit from the Easter Bunny ;) But most importantly that you all took a moment to remember the Savior in a special way this Easter! Because now it´s time to prepare for GENERAL CONFERENCE WHOO HOO! This week we had another Family Home Evening at the chapel which was fun and we missionaries are poor, so the snacks we brought were juice, crackers, and butter and the people here are so great. We were like sorry this is all we have and they were all like no no this is delicious, amazing... eating everything. haha I love them! 

I also finished reading The Book of Mormon again yesterday! It was the BEST way to celebrate Easter! I KNOW with all of my soul that this book is the word of God.  It was written for us, for me and for you! Never forget that and never stop reading! 

Today we had a P-Day with some people from our District in Cruzeiro in our area.  You can see our whole area from there and it´s bem-legal! I´ll send lots of photos! But é isso, sorry hard to think in English completely right now! Love you all and I truly LOVE this gospel.  It IS the gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is only one path and it´s this one.

Amo vocês,
Sister Garrick

Photo 1: Sister DiSpirito and I at our District Meeting... can´t you just feel the love?! :)

Photo 2:  The spine left from the fish I ate... misericórida you do everything to get a baptism am I right? ;) JK! I can't believe I ate fish... and clams! AH!

Photo 3: The Bishop of the Gravatá ward gave us giant chocolate eggs cause he knew it was hard to be away from our family this Easter :´)

Photo 4: My dream came true- I held a cute little monkey... and it didn’t hurt that bad when he bit me! Macáco bravo minha nossa 

Photo 5: His name is Chico

Photo 6: How we exercised today to lose weight... we lasted maybe 10 minutes in the blazing sun at 6:30 in the morning... misericórida

Photo 7: The stairs to Cruzeiro

Photo 8: Part of our District!

Photo 9: Cruzeiro 

Photo 10: It looks like Rio haha 

Photo 11: District picnic :)

Photo 12: I love Sister DiSpirito! 

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