Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Escutamos a voz do profeta #LDSCONF

Òla meus queridos amigos!  

I hope everyone had a super amazing and uplifting Conference weekend! If you weren´t able to watch one of the sessions (Like me-no Women´s Session :(  ) you can go to lds.org and watch or read all of them!!! Trust me there´s nothing better you could do- it´s worth your time! 

This week was great! We are going to have another baptism tomorrow! His name is Vitor! He´s only 10 years old and his parents aren´t members, but he lives with his grandma who is! She is a great example to him, and Vitor- wow. He is a great example to me! His parents finally let him be baptized and he told us he´s been waiting so long for this moment.  He understands so much about the gospel and KNOWS that it´s true! We told him that because he´s following the right path, the adversary is going to try to tempt him or lead him astray.  He said, "I´ve waited so long for this, I will not let any obstacle get in my way." He made me really think- we know this gospel is true- let us be like Vitor.  Once you know this gospel is true- don´t let anything get in your way from following the example of Christ and trying to become like Him. 

This week was also April Fools which was fun.  I told everyone I was from Porto Alegre, Brasil.  You know what´s funny??  If I tell people I´m American they stop understanding me, but if i say I´m Brasilian they understand.  HA! People are telling me here that I don´t have an American accent anymore- it´s the best feeling ever! I know I have one, but it´sgood to see that I´ve progressed! The gift of tongues is real! 

Wasn´t it so great to hear our prophet, Thomas S. Monson and all the leaders of our church this weekend?  We brought 8 investigators with us to watch at the church and we told some of them to write any question they had  down and it would be answered during conference! They told us that it worked and they loved it! You can for sure bet on the prophet to give investigators a spiritual experience!  I as well wrote down questions and received answers.  It was a great experience and I encourage all to do the same next time!  Some of my favorite things from #LDSConf were: everything was about temples! Honor the covenants and ordinances you make, we are all children of God and his arms are extended toward us all we have to do is come unto Him.  The first great truth is that God loves us with all his might, mind, and strength, and so we must love him in the same way. We never have to ask again, where are the Priesthood Keys- eternal families are possible because of the priesthood.  We should follow the example of Paul and see people how they could become, not how they are. We should have family counsel and open our doors! The sacrament brings safety and security, and that Satan doesn´t want us to progress because HE CAN`T.  There´s a lot more, but I don´t have enough time!  I watched it in Portuguese so I hope that´s what they said lol. 

OH also- the choir from BYUI that sang Saturday afternoon was my choir. Sister Ashby was my choir conductor who was conducting and I saw all my friends! Shout out to Lein, Matt, Edward and a ton more! I´m so proud of them and wish I could have sang with them, but being in Recife is a little more important to me. ;)

I love you and miss you all and am so grateful for your emails, letters, packages, and prayers! I know this church is true.  I´m not wasting my time here.  This gospel is true.  Read the Book of Mormon always as if it was the first time, always look to be better and strive to be like Christ.  He is our Savior. He is on our side.  He knows how you feel.  May we strive to be like one of our investigators here who literally cried because he got sick and couldn´t go to the chapel to hear the words of the prophet.  When you know the gospel is true, share it.   Give God your best and he will make up the rest.  

Com muito amor,
Sister Garrick 

 It´s hard to write in one language. Also, don´t judge my grammar- it´s the mission.;)

                                                                 Our conference lunch
                    (I was missing my mom´s raspberry rolls and dad´s eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon!)

 P-day- we made some nice churrasco

(Note from Sister Garrick's mom: For some reason the last picture didn't load fully, but I got the following picture from Elder DeCook's mom from that day)

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