Monday, April 18, 2016

Double the Work, Double the Chin

Why the title? Because this week was transfers and I get to be senior companion of Sister M. Costa who I already love because I got to know her in the CTM when she arrived in the field with me! Double the work because we are going to be opening the area Gravatá while still working in the area Boa Vista! Our area is huge and it´s 2 different wards.  Now we will be given lunch and dinner by members! (double the chin) Thank goodness our area is straight mountains and exercise!

This week we had splits in Garunhuns which was way fun and I learned a lot! Remember the word we heard in one conference "ponderize?" Well here it´s "ponderizar" haha! I´m going to start ponderizando the scriptures some more this week!

I don´t have much time again so that´s about it, but please pray for me in this gigantic area! I´m so bad at reading maps! :( I love you all and I love this gospel.  One thing that comforted me this week with all this crazy news and stress was listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  There are not many things that are more soothing than listening to them sing the hymns.  Okay tchau tchau for now!


Sister Garrick 

This gigantic ant that we found in Garanhuns (people are starting to eat them here) 

 Last District Meeting of the Transfer 


Eduarda who always helps us teach :) 

1st counselor in Boa Vista and his family :) 

Eduarda gave us the shirts they use in school here 
and we thought it was the coolest thing ever

Sister M. Costa and I :)

Our area 

I got to spend the night teaching and spending time with Sister DiSpirito in my area last night as we waited for our companions to arrive today! 

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