Monday, April 25, 2016

Prosseguir com Fé

Hello all! 

I don´t have much time but what´s going on here is a little bit of doubt that we can really handle 2 areas and 2 wards but more trust in Heavenly Father! I ate sting ray the other day which is surprisingly SO GOOD. I highly recommend it. We have 4 baptisms marked for Wednesday and I´m praying that all will go well! Lucas and Cleyson are cousins and are both 14 and Eduarda and Luiza are 15 and 10 and are the daughters of a less active that is returning to the church! They are all planning on becoming members of The Church of Jesus Christ this week and I´m so proud of their decisions! :) I feel like I am family with the members and our investigators here, so when I have to leave it´s going to be way hard! But thank you all for your prayers and love! I know this church is true and the power of prayer is real.

Com amor,
Sister Garrick

No photos because I didn’t have time to take photos this week (40 investigators and an area that we can’t find anything cause our maps are so outdated and I don´t know how to read a map that well. I miss google maps so much haha) 

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