Monday, April 11, 2016

Nossa Lei é Batizar e Confirmar


I hope everyone had a great week! This week we had "Boot Camp" with Presidente Bigelow and we learned how to better our teaching, how to work with leaders, and work with members! Everything he taught us works... it really works! We are spending more time getting to know the members, building relationships of trust, sharing spiritual messages, and asking for referrals.  We have found some of the best people to teach by working with members and simply asking, "Who do you think God is preparing in this moment to hear the message of the gospel?" Our mission president is the BEST! I love him and am so grateful to be a missionary here! He is here alone these days because his wife and children went back into Utah these past few weeks because one of his daughters is getting married and he can´t go! :( That must be so hard, but he has the best attitude! 

This week Vitor was baptized and confirmed and he even bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting yesterday! In fact all the primary kids did because of his example! 2 new families also moved into our ward and they are great! Seriously answers to many prayers.

I also started teaching an English class at the church this week for members, investigators, and anyone who wants to learn! It´s way fun! But that was about all that happened that I remember well- don´t let a day pass by where you don´t read The Book of Mormon! Love and miss you all!

Sister Garrick

Photo 1: Vitor´s Baptism! 

Photo 2: We only had the keys to one of the doors to the baptismal font 
so after we filled it came the challenge haha

Photo 3: All the peanut butter my family sent me 
(They don´t have it in Brasil) 

Photo 4: Our mission logo in play-dough that my mom sent me hahaha

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